Ready to hit the road to the Hop

Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th March 2015

Another year had come around and it was time for ‘Get Rhythm’ to make her fourth appearance at the Whangamata Beach Hop.

Get Rhythm-Leaving for Whangamata Beach Hop

We were up bright and early Thursday morning ready to hit the road and secure our spot at the campground. When we arrived, there were caravans lined up everywhere. This year’s turnout was already showing that it was going to be a good one.

Once the school opened the gates it was time to find a spot and set up. We managed to secure an awesome spot right at the main entrance and as ‘Get Rhythm’ is a fully functional caravan, setting up didn’t take long at all.

Friday morning the caravans continued to pour in and so did the rain. By the end of the day there were over 90 caravan’s set up all over Whangamata Area School’s field. Each year we’ve noticed that the caravan section just gets better and better.

Love at first sight

Get Rhythm - American pin-up girl

Get Rhythm – American pin-up girl. We were lucky enough to be greeted by an American pin-up girl who just happened to shelter from the rain under the ‘Get Rhythm’ awning.

After looking around, it was love at first sight and she just had to get some photos taken inside!

With the rain settling in, it was time to wind down, get comfy and make some new friends, because after all that’s what having a retro caravan is all about.

Saturday – IT’S SHOW TIME!

It wasn’t even 9am and there were people everywhere. It was good to see the rain hadn’t deterred people.

The vibe was positive and once again people were very impressed with the caravan. Although there were a lot of entrants, ‘Get Rhythm’ was different to all the others. We thought she stood out from the crowd and that she really did have the extra factor.

One of the biggest things that amazed people was the fact that our caravan was fully functional and used in much the same way as a conventional caravan, right down to the sleeping quarters

Get Rhythm setup - Whangamata Beach Hop

Tapping in to Johnny Cash

Get Rhythm - The Tapp Family

Get Rhythm – The Tapp Family ‘Get Rhythm’ is a dedication to Johnny Cash so we felt very privileged to be asked to host a local band from Waihi (The Tapp Family) who impersonate Johnny Cash.

The rain decided to hang around which could have put a damper on things but it didn’t stop the awesome music and atmosphere these guys created.

There was definitely plenty of dancing in the rain and at times a bit of dancing in the mud as well.

As the day went on the crowds slowly started to settle down but for us it was time to enjoy ourselves and make the most of the beach hop with new found friends and entertainment.

‘Get Rhythm’ in the Top 2

Later in the afternoon we received a phone call to say ‘Get Rhythm’ had been voted one of the top 2 caravans of the show, along with another caravan from Tauranga.

Get Rhythm setup at Whangamata Beach Hop

Photo by ‘TheMotorhood

Out of the top 2, only one could be selected as the overall winner at prize-giving the following day.

The winner was to be decided by one more vote which meant we had to leave where we were situated and set up again in the main arena, ready for the prize-giving ceremony by 8am the following morning.

‘Get Rhythm’ WINS!trophey

Finally the sun came out!

This made setting back up easy apart from cleaning up the mud that had been tramped through the caravan from all the rain.

We finished cleaning just in time for the winner to be announced. If we thought there was a huge crowd yesterday, today’s was even bigger. There were people everywhere.

The prize giving was a long process but in the end it was well worth it.

‘Get Rhythm’ WINS – Best Retro Caravan 2015 for the second time in a row!

Thanks to everyone who voted for us and if you’re ever thinking about heading to the Whangamata Beach Hop, it is well worth the trip.