Get Rhythm retro caravan

“When you get the blues get Rhythm…”

Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues. C’mon get rhythm, when you get the blues. Get a rock ‘n roll feeling in your bones. Put taps on your toes and get goin’. Get rhythm, when you get the blues.

These lyrics from Johnny Cash pretty much sum up everything about this caravan. After finishing restoring my firstGet Rhythm retro caravan - before the makeover caravan project I just had to do another! With so many new and exciting ideas there was no stopping me. I stumbled across ‘Get Rhythm’ in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty 2011. She was a rundown old wreck and needed A LOT of work, but that was exactly what I was looking for, a blank canvas.

When I got her home I straight away started trying to find out information about her. Most caravan people tell me she’s handmade but I personally believe that this was a factory build as all the inside spacing’s were even. With not much information or ideas to go on it was time for my imagination to kick in.

With one of New Zealand’s largest car shows coming up, I got to work making her road worthy and legal. In just a couple of weeks she was off on her first road trip to Kumeu!

1 Year later…

After many late nights and a few beers later, ‘Get Rhythm’ was off on her second road trip back to the Kumeu swap meet. People just couldn’t believe that this was the same caravan I had brought to the show exactly one year before. ‘Get Rhythm’ was such a huge hit, people were talking about her everywhere. We had great fun with her that weekend with lots of beers, loud music and great company.

vintage-caravan-coverHer next outing was a couple months later at Whangamata Beach Hop. On the first day we had over 2000 people come through with nothing but great comments by all. We won the overall best retro caravan.

After these two shows ‘Get Rhythm’ went viral appearing in many magazines and websites. She featured on the front page of retro caravan’s magazine, the hot rod magazine and I was even approached by a model creator who went on to produce some awesome replicas of ‘Get Rhythm’.

‘Get Rhythm’ has now been back to both events every year since and is still amazing people. Recently we were sponsored to attend the muscle madness show in Christchurch. This was also an awesome experience. The right hand corner photo shows ‘Get Rhythm’ locked and loaded on the inter-islander. ferry crossing

What some people also don’t know, is that this caravan is fully functional with sleeping space, power and running water. The rear couch pulls out into a double bed and the table goes down creating a king single sleeping space. Everything on this caravan is one of a kind, there are no limits to what we can create.

So like this blog starts, just remember.. “when you get the blues get Rhythm”