Ma Belle, Modern… yes, Retro… yes and completely restored/customised by us at Retro Custom Caravan’s LTD.

Ma Belle was originally built by a Rotorua, New Zealand based caravan company (Muir Caravans) in 1964, from initial purchase she only had the one owner where she went on many of camping adventures around New Zealand.

Fast forward 60 years and here she is again ready to serve another family! Ma Belle was purchased in fairly good condition for her age, apart from a small area in the back where a window had fallen out and caused some water damage to the surrounding areas. For some this maybe a huge problem but here at Retro Custom Caravans nothing is too big or too small.

Ma Belle took just over six months to complete. To begin with she was stripped back and rebuilt bit by bit, from the chassis to the framework everything was thoroughly checked with no corners missed. As with every caravan you are always met with a surprise along the way and as with all good things in life plans can change. Working alongside our clients is something that sets us apart from a lot of others, and as you can see with Ma Belle she has many different features to our other restoration’s but she aligns with exactly what our client wanted!

Ma Belle has been equipped with all new wheels, bearings, rubbers, seals and lets not forget the brand new all seasons proof paint job and chrome etching. Internally who wouldn’t want to get away for a weekend in her? I think the pictures tell it all!

And what would be a maiden voyage without a return to her first home? Unfortunately over time the elderly man have developed dementia and couldn’t remember the caravan as such, he could remember going camping at Ohope Beach and that is exactly where Ma Belle was heading.

Here is what Ma Belle’s new owner had to say about her brand new caravan,,, “I am the lucky owner of this beautiful van and hope to enjoy using her for many years to come. Totally recommend this company for quality workmanship, safety first and then looks… it’s been a very exciting and awesome experience.”